Curriculum Construct

The construct of our curriculum reflects our passion for developing the holistic child by kick starting each topic with an exciting hook into learning to engage our learners at the start of each topic. Weekly thought provoking statements provide opportunities for discussion and debate, encouraging speaking and listening skills both in school and at home. Missions provide the opportunity to apply the Basic Skills learnt within Maths and English lessons in a fun and engaging way.

Each step of the curriculum construct in grey is carried out on a weekly basis, with a hook into learning and celebration at the end of each topic, which lasts a term.

HOOK Inspire

Introduction into topic to inspire and encourage further exploration through a variety of sources both independently and as a team.

Encourages independence skills, teamwork & communication.



Philosophical statement/question to spark the children’s minds and skills of enquiry

Encourages debate, discussion, listening, effective communication, empathy & tolerance of others, self esteem & confidence


Active Mission

  • Mission style physical activities for the children to complete in teams, completing challenges through teamwork, communciation and problem solving.
  • Elements of the RESPECT character traits (Resilience, Empathy, Self-awareness, Positivity, Excellence, Communication, Teamwork) taught and assessed throughout (evidence collated for individual child’s character profile)

Ability to apply basic skills of Maths and English, through mission challenges. Encouraging teamwork, effective communication and problem solving skills. Development of language skills


Weekly subject focus

  • Prime subject focus each week (some weeks may have a secondary subject focus)
  • Basic skills taught throughout the week to be applied through the mission based challenges, encouraging real life problem solving skills & purposeful learning
  • Teaching @ point of learning
  • Langauge specific focus – evident on the working walls

Encourages purposeful learning with a focus on real life context. Deeper learning encouraged through the encouragement of enquiry & problem solving minds

Seymour Road Academy in East Manchester

Reflection & Review

  • Weekly review & reflection of character traits used throughout the mission
  • Time for personal reflection, peer coaching and future target setting
  • Opportunity to seek support & further learning guidance

Encourages a reflective learner. Embeds character traits & their importance in life. Gives learners the opportunity to improve identified character traits by setting personal targets

Boy at computer

Mission Accomplished Celebration

  • Celebrate achievements (academic & character)
  • Share learning journeys individually, within classes, across the school and with home
  • Review the overarching MISSION statement. Discuss & debate
  • Prepare & target set for next series of missions. ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’ Benjamin Franklin

Celebration of effort. Sharing achievement with home. Encouraging a critical mind and philosophical thinkers. Embracing a growth mindset