Non Negotiables

Wise Owl Trust have developed some non-negotiables to ensure the best possible education for its pupils, that must be adhered to by all academies in the Trust.

TEAM (Together everyone achieves more)

  • Whole staff team have expectations for all and are in pursuit of excellence
  • Behaviour is the responsibility of all
  • Respect for one another is a given
  • Commitment to the promotion of positive mental health of staff and children
  • Collaboration across all academies within the trust to share good practice, resources and facilities as appropriate

Effective Teaching and Learning

  • Quality first teaching in every classroom with high expectations for all
  • Tailored and highly effective CPD for all staff
  • Personalised learning with effective assessment opportunities to support and further children’s learning
  • Classroom philosophy to encourage emotional resilience by seeing failure as a learning opportunity

Curriculum to cater for all and designed to be future proof

  • Application of basic skills through experience and use of problem solving skills
  • Constant curriculum review to inspire learners and encourage working at a greater depth
  • Curriculum designed to learn both within and beyond the classroom
  • Dedication to the teaching of life skills
  • Preparing children for our future world through most up to date resources

Effective Leadership & Governance

  • Outstanding leadership and governance
  • Clear roles and responsibilities with distributed leadership model
  • Celebrates the achievements of all, pupils and staff
  • Promotes a consistent and positive Wise Owl Trust ethos to promote high aspirations
  • Creates stimulating and engaging environments for all children to learn
  • Dedication to the importance of pupil voice
  • Supports and builds capacity across the Trust
  • Dedication to support Team Up

Community Engagement

  • Values and cares for all members of the community
  • Promotes parental engagement, and supports the wider family
  • Supporting parents with school costs such as uniform and school trips which are funded by the Academies
  • Community links with partners such as sporting groups, business, other educational establishments etc
  • Working with a Multi-Agency approach for the well-being of our children and families.

Commitment to improving Mental Health

  • Commitment to positive mental health for all
  • Early intervention to support
  • Dedication to review Teacher workload and make improvements
  • Trust Mental Health and Well-Being Team for children, families and staff
  • Dedication of financial resources to ensure training and resources
  • Support and signposting to professionals where necessary