Chris O’Shaughnessy

Chief Executive

About Chris O’Shaughnessy

Chris was appointed Chief Executive in May 2016 from his previous position as Executive Principal within the Wise Owl Trust. Since 2002 Chris was the Headteacher at Briscoe Lane Primary School in Newton Heath which was the ‘converter’ school with which Chris formed the multi-academy trust.  Chris has converted 2 schools into academies, and supported many more Trusts. Chris has sat on the Regional Schools’ Commissioner’s sub-regional board for Manchester and is a Local Leader of Education.

Outside the world of Education, Chris is a keen rugby fan, once having played it in his younger years!

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Manage the expansion of the Trust including conversion.
  • School2School support and LLE.
  • Lead role in key plans and documents such as the Trust’s long term strategic plan, self-evaluation and school improvement plans of the academies.
  • Providing motivational and inspirational leadership at all levels of the organisation.
  • Meeting demands of changing legislation, new initiatives and changing practice.
  • Contributing to the formulation of the Trust’s strategy.